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Post by Alex » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:30 pm


Yes, after 2 months, an update! A whole ton of stuff has been accomplished in this period of time, so I'll get right to it,

Builder Update

Since last time, we've adopted 5 new builders:
  • Shomer
  • PIllpusher
  • Gnorm
  • Raork
  • Dojojo

They've been working on some awesome new things too:

Gol - Chief camp of the Federation of Sakhat (Capitol of the nation)

Gnome City


We've also GREATLY expanded Capitol (done by Edoras):

Also expanded haven by few hundred rooms to finish the southern side and major roads.

...Oh and we also have mobs that do weird stuff now:

Code: Select all

[HP:100%] [ME:96%] [PE:95%]
A resolute official says 'The gemstones of Obsidian Road exemplify the
Emperor's resolve! His will is our will, and our dedication is a humble
reflection of his resolve!'

[HP:100%] [ME:100%] [PE:100%]
A resolute official says 'The River Purpose to the east flows from the throne
of the Emperor! From his hand our crops are given life, and our strength is

[HP:100%] [ME:100%] [PE:100%]
And what would it be without a worldmap update? We've done some big transforming steps, and while we have a bit more to go, a lot of the major central work has been roughed out, which is great because we need it for our alpha!


Are those mountains and lakes and forests and new roads? gasp, yes. Even the north is teraformed a bunch (you don't see it, as this view only shows everything frozen as white...) It's almost like we're trying to be a real mud!

Code Update

So the builders are doing the building, what about my lazy ass?

Feature Updates
  • Stunned/Paralyzed/Bound mobs/players can now have equipment taken from them (no, you can't use take to check if a mob has something while they're awake, yes, I know, an admin who updates code instead of randomly punishing players for using the tools available to them - it's insanity)
  • Restore command for archons, instantly restores a mob/player to 'like new' condition
  • Mobs now have natural hide and inherit the material type from their race, but can be overridden by builder/spell affect
  • Mood aggressive now boosts damage and damage taken after bonus calculation, but before armor application
  • Limbs now take increased damage relative to the core, head/torso/waist bleed through 25% of their damage to the base hp pool
  • Armor is now LOCALLY applied only - a hit to the arm will only use armor for hands/wrists/arms/shield in calculation for example, though general armor buffer stats apply with this
  • If hide is more protective than armor, hide protection value is used. General armor buffs are applied atop this.
  • Corpses now are of the size of the mob and made of the same material (a diamond hide mob will produce a diamond corpse)
  • Armor can now have containers on them and still count as armor. They can also have lids and locks.
  • Push added to the game - you can push objects away from you now with some movement expense based on weight
  • Pull added to the game - you can now drag objects (like corpses, weapons etc) behind you with some movement expense based on weight
  • Multitude of coffeemud upgrades including scripting engine upgrades and better language handling
  • Waterfalls are now in game - with the ability to make people 'fall' down the waterfall
  • Each hit on armor will calculate hardness of armor vs hardness of weapon - will be used shortly to handle melee item damage

Bug Fixes
  • Language translation now displays properly without string corruption
  • Limbs now cut off post-hit, instead of pre-hit
  • All messages occur after the hit/affect in combat now, instead of before
  • Spells are now released on stun/death/logout
  • Default armor value set to 0
  • Messages for damage to items via fire have their own message
  • Weapon size bug fix, now can hold weapons as a sprite if they're 1 size bigger
  • Key codes can now be used across locks (paving the way for letting other items inherit keycodes)
  • Left/right eye typos redone - formerly the code right eye was being called left, and vice versa

In progress
  • Combat messages - I'm currently unhappy with the weapons in the stock code system, I've tweaked and extended it, but it's causing issues for how I want combat to work. So this got pushed back as I deal with it. This is just the visual component, hits still get registered where they should be.
  • Formation use in combat - currently handling this for melee right now to respect reach
  • Redo of damage calculation in melee combat
  • Complete redo of hit-roll and dodge - using armor is stupid and I'm tired of that nonsense where heavy armor folks get more 'misses' - how does that make sense? HIts will be hits, maybe 0 hps hits, but a 'miss' and a low dam hit will be different
  • Melee skill revamp - currently changing how attacks are handled

So, where does this put us? It puts us on the horizon for being able to have an open alpha within the next few months. I'm aiming for january, as the extra builders get on board, things are accelerated very quickly, that's why I'm shifting focus to handling melee combat (and doing it correctly from the ground up)...why? So I can introduce soldiers into alpha, then focus on magic and introduce sorcerers, etc.

We're taking one bite of the elephant, and once we have all 4 classes (soldier, sorc, priest, thief), and there's not game breaking bugs and balance is 'reasonable', with a reasonably fleshed out world, we'll shift to open beta after that and balance our XP scale/areas on that, probably this summer or fall.

And from there, we'll be a 'real' game. There will not be a hard break between beta and 'go live', just an announcement and full operational mud with a more fixed 'staff', with rotating builders and RP leaders.

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