What should PvP look like?

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What should PvP look like?

Post by laeZ1 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:16 pm

In the only MUD I have extensive experience with, PvP was decided based almost entirely on preparation (whose team has more enchantments, and more healing vials), while things like group comps hardly mattered, and it wasn't terribly uncommon for a smaller number of people to win against a larger group. Honestly, in that game, PvP pretty much boiled down to having more healing vials than the other team, and trying to keep the other team prone so they couldn't use theirs - with a secondary focus on having an escape mechanic ready (all of which would also be shut down by being prone), and a tertiary focus on dealing damage.

I recognize that everybody building and coding here probably has much more experience with MUDs (and probably a broader experience too) than I. If what I described above is what everybody loves (and I'm in the minority), then read no further.

What do you all think PvP should look like?

What types of skills should be rewarded?

How important should preparation be? Or team comps?

Should some classes be naturally better at beating some, but have glaring weaknesses against others, or should all of the classes be made with the idea that they should all be as balanced as possible?

How much of a chance should a single person (or group) have when they're ambushed by one or more people?

How easy or difficult should it be to disengage from a fight?

How big of a difference should one level make? Five levels?

If a total newbie has preparation and ambushes an unprepared vet (assuming same race/class/level), what should the odds be of the newbie winning?

Here's what I think:
I think the most important skill in PvP should be quick thinking, and knowledge of class/race weaknesses. I think preparation should be important, but I'd like to see a sort of ceiling on how much preparation can help - a limit on how well things can be enchanted, and maybe some kind of limiter on how often a character can quaff vials ("You don't want to quaff that, you've still got the taste of a glass vial of Ironskin in your mouth"), even if it's only limited to like 1 per every 3 "rounds" of combat - this will encourage players to use their skills/spells in the off rounds. Putting such a limiter on would also allow the option of quaffing things while prone - which would completely change the meta I'm used to seeing.

I think Team Comps should be somewhat important, and I think it would be a neat thing to see 'bonuses' for certain things based on who else is in the group - maybe if the group contained only members from the same religion, they'd get some kind of small bonus, or there could be some 'group casting' option for spellcasters of the same class grouping together, or bards singing the same type of song.

I don't think the classes should have a "rock, paper, scissors" relationship in regards to one another, but I understand if that's something people are too used to seeing, or "fixing" it to make all classes balanced might ruin part of the thematics for certain classes.

I believe a fight shouldn't be just decided by an ambush - if a person or group of people are ambushed by an equal number of people, they should have enough resources to fight back- even if it might be an uphill battle. I guess this translates into that I don't like seeing "one shot" skills or spells. That being said, I think it should be difficult to run away from a PvP fight - I remember reading somewhere that Edoras (correct me if I'm wrong) is against any kind of quaffable/edible recall potions. After fleeing a player fight, there should be just as many skills/spells available to prevent hiding/running as there are to hide/run (in my opinion).

When thinking about how much difference a level should make (aside from the obvious difference of different spells/skills available to higher leveled characters), I'm of the opinion that exciting, close, PvP should be within the realm of possibility against people within a 10 level range of you (5 up or 5 down), and any further than that would give a mean advantage to the higher leveled person (assuming both players put in effort during the PvP).

Lastly, in my example, a prepared newbie ambushes an unprepared veteran - assuming the same race/class/level, I think the veteran should win or escape 7/10 times. With a better understanding of when/how to change stances, the best ways to use abilities together, and knowing the area (assuming the Veteran decides to try to escape, or if there were some kind of environmental advantage to be gained), I'd give odds to the Veteran player, in my ideal type of PvP.

Sorry for the wall of text.

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